Iranian Pop Icon, Googoosh

 by Armita Emm 


From her humble beginnings as a young girl trying to make it big in Tehran, Iran, to a sophisticated and highly noted Iranian Pop Icon, Googoosh is now headlining her own talent search show for young Persians striving for the exact same thing she once did.

Non-gorilla bride

by Lara

When it comes to the constant battle with our hair, we almost always lose. Especially when that hair happens to be dark, coarse and all over your body - and let me tell you something ladies, when you’re Persian, the chances of that happening are as likely as rain in England.

Persian Wax - Review

I recently purchased the Parissa Persian Cold Wax after seeing so many rave reviews about it in many of the magazines I often read. I was very intrigued about the fact that this product uses cold wax rather than hot wax to achieve hair removal. I hate getting waxed just as much as the next girl and one of the things I hate most about the process is applying so much heat to sensitive areas.

The new face of an old favorite

We changed our look, but not our wax.

Just like you, we’re the same as we were 30 years ago… on the inside.

The beauty industry is such a competitive market, so we want to stay current. But we could never change the formula of a product that has earned your trust by working so beautifully for over 30 years.

So, we decided on an updated look...a mini facelift, so to speak.