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by Are you like me and constantly struggle with using wax to remove hair? I have tried many different brands and kinds to remove leg hair. Luckly I have come across this amazing all natural product. I strongly believe it is the best wax hair removal product now on the market!Best Wax Hair RemovalMany drug stores in Canada sell this Persian Cold wax. It is efficient and easy to use, this wax is water-soluble which means any mistake or any mess easily comes off with a wet cloth. Persian Cold Wax is the original time-honoured recipe that women have trusted for centuries. And now in celebration of Eastern elegance and beauty we have repackaged our luxurious cold wax – but kept the recipe unchanged. Because Persian Cold Wax works – beautifully so.wax: sucrose (sugar), aqua (water), citric acidI DO NOT RECOMMEND USING ANY WAX STRIPS – I have never once been satisfied and I find them harder to use then the wax that comes in a container with washable wax strips. Wax Strip Review