About Us

Evolution of the Persian® brand 

Each box of Persian Wax is a validation of the traditions of the past. Our Persian Cold Wax formula is based on a recipe that has been in use around the world for gentle, effective hair removal for centuries.

Familiar to generations of Eastern women, this age-old recipe has become the benchmark against which all other hair removal products are measured. This authentic, all-natural, hair removal product brings delight to women in search extraordinarily smooth skin.

Azar Moayeri, pictured above, started our Persian Cold Wax business from her kitchen and has grown the company to an internationally recognized brand over the last 35 years. After immigrating to Canada, Azar noticed that the only hair removal products available were chemical lotions, bleaches or creams. Unable to find any natural alternatives that provided performance, created Persian Cold Wax, and our formula has remained unchanged since 1970. Since the early success of Persian Cold Wax the traditions of sugaring and sugar waxing have become more widely revered in North America and Persian Cold Wax remains the premier brand in this space.