Persian® Cold Wax

Introducing: Persian!


It’s time to meet a luxurious waxing product that does it all. Inspired by generations of Eastern women, Persian Cold Wax is a modern twist to a classic favourite! Our non-toxic wax formula is based on a traditional recipe used around the world for centuries.

An innovative blend of premium natural ingredients makes this wax gentle enough to use anywhere on your body. It’s perfect for sensitive skin yet highly effective – even stubborn hair lifts away effortlessly to reveal long-lasting smoothness. Persian Cold Wax elevates the world of self-care. We believe that at-home waxing should be an indulgent experience! 

The Persian Brand Story

Persian is a female-founded brand. Created by Azar Moayeri, it is the first natural hair removal wax to hit Canadian beauty markets during the 1970s.

A trailblazer with her own entrepreneurial spirit, Azar is recognized as the first female Chemical Engineer to graduate from the University of Edinburg. After this rare accomplishment, she returned to her native Iran to work as a Senior Project Manager at the National Petrochemical Company. Eventually, Azar decided to pursue a new international adventure, immigrating to Vancouver with her family. 

Once in Canada, Azar combined her professional expertise with her knowledge of ancient beauty traditions to create the Persian brand. She noticed that the only hair removal products were chemical lotions, bleaches, or creams. Dissatisfied with the lack of natural alternatives, she set out to make her own skin-friendly formula. Celebrating the timeless waxing tradition that she was so familiar with in Iran along with local demand for a new and natural product, Azar created the original Persian Cold Wax from her very own kitchen.

Values & Sustainability

Now, Persian Cold Wax is a prestige brand that exclusively features only clean & cruelty-free products. Our best-selling waxes are beautifully formulated without harsh chemicals. All Persian products are sustainably manufactured in a modern eco-facility located on the picturesque shores of North Vancouver, Canada,

The Persian brand has zero tolerance for animal testing, and all wax formulas are Leaping Bunny certified. As part of ongoing ethics and commitment to the environment, Persian products are sustainably packaged and made with ethically sourced ingredients.

Our innovative production facility honours and protects the precious environment in which it is located, next to stunning natural surroundings such as a serene bird sanctuary, creeks, estuaries, and the ocean. The facility is constructed according to LEED Gold Certification, meeting the highest environmental standards.


Persian Cold Wax

Made with our original best-selling formula, Persian Cold Wax remains true to its 1970s ingredients. This sugar-based cold wax easily washes away with water. Gentle on sensitive skin, Persian Cold Wax works beautifully on medium to fine hair types.


Incredibly smooth skin that lasts for weeks. Since our Cold Wax removes hair from the root, your results are effective and long-lasting. Our formula is also very intuitive and easy to use. As luscious as honey, warm up Persian Cold Wax or use it immediately. 

Persian Cold Wax Strips

These ready-to-use strips are lined with decadent cream wax. Of course, our strips are safe and gentle on sensitive skin.  Persian Cold Wax Strips are a wonderful option for travel or quick touch-ups. Each box generously contains 40 strips for whenever you like.


Ultra-convenient and perfect for beginners. Persian Cold Wax Strips are formulated to be mess-free. Simply warm the strips between your hand and apply. Swiftly peel off for instant results. Our cream-based Cold Wax is perfect for legs & body.  

Rooted in the timeless traditions of Eastern elegance and beauty, Persian Cold Wax products are a perfect blend of natural yet effective ingredients.

Our classic Cold Wax has remained true to its original formula for over 35 years, giving women around the world an opportunity to achieve luxurious results from the comfort of home. Our collection of waxes gently targets unwanted hair, leaving you with only beautifully smooth skin.