When it comes to the constant battle with our hair, we almost always lose. Especially when that hair happens to be dark, coarse and all over your body – and let me tell you something ladies, when you’re Persian, the chances of that happening are as likely as rain in England.

 You can do everything you can to fight it. Bleach—it’s still there, just lighter. Thread—ouch, plus it only applies to your face. Shave—with results that last twelve hours? No thank you. Of course, there’s always laser, but that’s not exactly a quick fix if that’s what you’re looking for.

 So when, three days before my wedding, the salon I go to for professional waxing closed down without warning, you can imagine my distress. My hair was growing back at an alarming rate and would surely be fully grown by my wedding day! My friend and I struggled for a whole day to find another salon, but everywhere was full! So with a last shred of hope, we booked it to the drug store.

 Was I gonna risk razor burns and cuts? Not a chance. We picked up several brands of wax, dumped them into the shopping cart and raced home. Trying them in small areas one by one, my hope nearly died. Everything seemed to irritate my skin!  Was nothing was going to work?  Oh my god…people were going to call me gorilla bride!

 Finally though, a miracle happened. A box for Persian Cold Wax dropped into my lap, and I just knew, this was going to work! It had to, It was made for people like me! Sure enough, no irritation, and even better, no hair! With only three ingredients in the wax—lemon, water and sugar—there were no nasty chemicals to burn my skin. Persian Wax saved my wedding day…not to mention my honeymoon night!

 Thanks Persian Wax!  You’re a lifesaver!